Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Sofas and Suites

Buying sofas and suites will most likely be one of the biggest and most expensive investments you will have to make in your life, not counting your home and vehicles, so it is quite sensible to get the furniture that will endure good usage and still seem beautiful after many years of use. To be honest, most people don’t know too much about sofa construction and exactly what are the differences between well made pieces and those that are poorly constructed, but the moment you know what to search for, upholstery buying will be a snap! You simply have to follow a couple of rules:

You should know that colour and style of the sofa or a sofa bed for sale might just be the first two things people notice, but it is what lies beneath the fabric is what really matters. Top quality frames are made from kiln-dried hardwood with double- or triple-dowelled joints that are corner-blocked, glued and screwed. All this provides the best possible support structure for your leather corner suite.

But not only the frame is important - the spring system is also just as important. It should provide firm support, but also offer enough comfort. Search for leather corner sofas with coil springs that are attached to the frame by hand in at least eight places so that the support is as homogeneous as possible.

The rear of a corner suite does not need that much support, so it is totally acceptable if the back has sinuous springs in a zigzag order. As long as sinuous springs are not within the seat, you can think of the piece as well built.

The cushions are something to consider as well before buying 3 piece suites. Many different constructions and fillers for cushions are available, so it is imperative to know what is best for you, and is also within your family budget. Down filling is the most expensive but also the best because it creates a loose, fluffy cushion. High-density foam is yet another option. This material is very good as well because of the comfort it provides while giving you a long lasting support at the same time.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Cleaning your new uPVC windows

New windows were installed and sealed with foil on both sides. Can the protective film be left on windows or can it be removed after the completion of the facade?

It is very important! Protective film should be removed immediately after the installation. It is intended to protect the windows during transportation and protection during installation.

We suggest to remove the protective film on the outside of the uPVC windows immediately after the installation (especially in summer). While the protective film on the inside can be left until the the internal works are finished. When the apartment is painted, you can remove it.

What about cleaning windows? Do I need special cleaners for PVC windows?
No, the quality of window profiles is very high, so that in principle you can use any cleaners that you can find in our stores. All major companies also have their own sets of cleaners, which are intended also for your profile, so contact the company where you have ordered your windows.

uPVC windows and doors are known for their low maintenance which is one of their greatest advantages. If you would like to add a traditional outlook to your home, you might also have a look at uPVC sash windows.
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